The Return of QSL Guys

The return of the stunning L from QSL Guys with another set of 3 delicious shots. Again, something for everyone here, well especially me! A black and white shot of L in sheer dress giving us a cheeky flash and two shots of her in black with lipstick in a different place, lucky girl that got to put the lipstick there! And of course you can’t beat a shot using mirrors and reflections, so you see everything in double!

Thanks as always to QSL Guys for these fabulous views of L, as it’s always a pleasure in more than one way 😉

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  1. What a great way to start the day! Lovely shots, but my favourite is the ‘smooth shot’ – so sexy and provocative!

  2. Very nice shots of L so smooth and lickable. Chair pic great. The right height to fiddle. Tits on the table a bones.

  3. I love the black and white shot. Fabulously provocative.

  4. L has a lovely face and an impish smile, not to mention nipples to die for. The hairlesss-pussy shot is a real treat! Come back soon, L!

  5. Love the smooth pussy!!! Cheers!

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