Vivienne – A Very Bushy Outlook! (Original)

This beautiful bushy blonde comes from the Terry Sparks archive and she goes under the name Vivienne Mahon. Posing for Terry kneeling on a bed this comes from a set of original contact sheets and sure shows off all of Vivienne’s assets to the full! A beautiful slender figure and small perky tits, but what a pussy she has full, thick and untrimmed it certainly catches your eye if you like untamed bushes.

Another model to add to the list of models photographed by Terry Sparks. One of my plans for early 2020 is to try and get all the model listings updated with all the new models I have in my collection, including those that posed for Terry, Howard Roark and Leslie Bainbridge plus others. That’s the plan anyway and this is a good start for sure 😉

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  1. A nice trim figure and a cute face that reminds me slightly of Samantha Janus. Would definitely like to have seen her shaven!

  2. She’s so bushy you can’t see the wood for the trees! (I feel I should say ‘sorry’ for that!)

  3. Agree with the first comment- she would look even better without all that hair between her legs….

  4. I like either or both, and there is something to be said for searching through the undergrowth for what you were looking for in the first place. And Minolta is right. Those were the hairy days, so there is some nostalgia involved. You have a big task ahead of you, Kamera Meister, so more power to your elbow.

  5. Yes lovely pert tits and a full bush.. I bet there would be some great odour there too. More please.

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