A Dawn Double! (Original)

A double delight in this shot, as not only is it a stunning shot of Dawn Grayson, but also one taken by Leslie Bainbridge! Another very open view of Dawn by Bainbridge as well, this time in a familiar living room setting with the sheepskin rug! A perfect view!

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  1. Of all the models Dawn, for me, is just perfect.

  2. I agree. She always looks so relaxed in front of the camera – and what a body!

  3. Marvelous. I bet those pussy lips were soft

  4. A beautiful woman – a great inviting, but knowing expression – how old was she please ?

  5. Typical Bainbridge shot – shaven pussy, open legs.

  6. So many images of Dawn on this site but this is surely right up with the best? Lovely shaven figure, revealing without being crude.

  7. A perfect example of the new-Slit- tag. Nicely posed, Shaven and visible!

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