Christine by Caligula (Readers Wives)

A superb shot of member Caligula’s beautiful wife taken back in the late 1960’s from one of several sets of 35mm colour negatives. A keen photographer back in his day Cali’s young wife was more than happy to pose for him back then and posed in various outfits and nude, all in the comfort of their front room. Although shy to start C took to posing for Cali and was soon happy to pose alone and with her friend 😉

A stunning shot of Christine in sheer pink baby-doll nightie, just allowing us to see her figure and nice round tits below, but using her hands to hide her modesty (for now!) A big thank you to Cali for sending over this great shot and others of Christine and he hopes that everyone enjoys seeing her and appreciates any comments and feedback here or over on the forum.

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  1. Wow! So excited to see Chris on here she looks fantastic. Thanks Wonder you made my day and hope everyone likes?

  2. Christine looks just fabulous and you were a very fortunate guy to have your wife posing for you like this back in the day.
    And now we are lucky enough to see your good lady as she was over 40 years ago…
    A great pout and body, hopefully many more to come..

  3. Wow – what a fabulous shot! Christine’s lovely face and beautiful figure are a joy to behold. That see-through babydoll and those tantalisingly half-revealed nipples are amazing. Come on Caligula, more please!!

  4. Stunning looking lady

  5. Thanks everyone and I really appreciate all the great comments and yes it’s great we can share all these shots now from back then. QSL Guys and Steve I love seeing the shots you have on here of your partners and they are what inspired me to take a leap of faith and share Chris here too.

    • Cali – We should be so grateful to our lovely wives for allowing us to share their nude photos in a public forum like this. Amazing to think that the pics we took all those years ago are still giving pleasure to appreciative males (and females?) today. By the way, if you would like to exchange further shots of Christine and Caroline, just say. I can ask Russ to pass you my email address.

      • I’ve added an area in the forum to chat and share more images of the wives if you wish 🙂

        • Now that REALLY takes me back to my youth! A lovely shot of a beautiful slim girl in a diaphanous baby doll. WOW. SHE IS ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS Caligula. I look forward to seeing many more.

  6. A time-travelling treat!

  7. Very nice indeed.

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