Christine Carter – Perfectly Presented! (Original)

A beautiful print from my collection of Christine Carter (Tina Graham) sat on a familiar bed at Ewhurst Manor. Christine’s Tits look perfectly presented in this shot as she leans forward on that bed, dress open exposing those tits and big dark nipples. From a set of 3 prints all taken on this popular bed at Ewhurst where many models have also posed 🙂

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  1. I thought at first I was looking at Readers Wife Christine – they could be twins! Love the dark nipples but are they naturally that colour or have they been rouged? Great look anyway!

  2. That room must be cold!

  3. A real beauty… absolutely gorgeous

  4. I think this is my favourite picture of Christine that you have posted. Gorgeous

  5. Does anyone else think that Christine in this photograph looks a lot like Linda Kozlowski when Linda was younger?

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