Frankie Young – Seduction by Music! (Original)

Frankie Young taken by Harrison Marks in the living room of his flat in 1962. Frankie is one of the models I have very few good images of by GHM, but this one is a beauty and shows off her figure perfectly. Similar shots of Frankie around GHM’s flat appeared in Kamera No.56 (1963)

Not only a stunning figure, but a beautiful face as well, very elegant looking. Thanks to Kev for sending over a copy of this original image from his collection πŸ™‚

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  1. Yes, a very pretty face. Lovely tits and a nicely shaven mound too. Gorgeous!

    • Not only did HM have superb taste with the ladies but also with his record playing equipment. Quad valve amp,Garrard record deck and a Quad electrostatic speaker in the background. Pretty much as good as it could get back in the day!
      Paul, Firebird

  2. Great uncensored shot! So many of those of her that were published had really poor retouching that spoiled the images.

    • I totally agree as I love the shots of her in Kamera, but as you say they were over retouched and spoil the overall view. That’s why I’ve been after the original negatives of her, so we can enjoy the uncensored view such as this shot πŸ™‚

  3. I logged in to extend my thanks to Kev for sharing this lovely pic.

  4. Frankie’s pose matches the pose of the model in the drawing on the wall behind her, which also appears ‘uncensored’. The rhyming of the poses is charming, and must be deliberate. Was Frankie the model for the drawing too?

    Thanks to Kev, of course, and how good it is to see these lovely women shown as they were, not messed about by the ‘censors’.

  5. Thanks for that observation – I thought just the same but feared sounding too “arty”
    She is standing like a dancer – very aware of her hand and arm – and the rest of her is pretty fabulous .

  6. Ditto that’s what caught my eye too.

  7. Has the top of the picture been cropped off. I would have expected the full picture to be in shot.

  8. I’ve added the full scan from the medium format negative for members to enjoy πŸ™‚

  9. Thanks for the full scan. The model in the drawing now looks like June Palmer.

  10. loved the medium format view thanks for that….

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