Simply Simpson! (Original)

An absolute stunner of a shot featuring June Simpson posing on a window ledge by Harrison Marks. I’ve posted a copy of this before several years ago, but this is from the original negative. Interestingly this untouched shot shows that June had a rather nasty scar down the front of her stomach just below the belly button. On looking back through her images it seems she either hid the scar or posed in a way it wasn’t that visible. The early version here seems to have it airbrushed out as well.

A simply gorgeous shot of June and her figure by GHM 🙂

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  1. Looks like a Caesarean scar to me

    • That’s what I thought although I’m no expert! So makes you wonder if she was one of those married housewives that modelled on the side. Although I never knew June was married or even had children 🙂

  2. Funny, I never noticed the scar. Much too busy enjoying that lovely smile and gorgeous pair of tits!

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