Christine – A More Revealing View (Readers Wives)

After this first shot of Chris by member Caligula we now have a more revealing view! A superb shot of Chris posing in long black sheer negligee with one knee up allowing the negligee to fall open. Not only does it allow a better view of her figure but also a glimpse of her hairy pussy.

Although not obvious in this shot, Cali mentioned that Chris kept things trimmed down there rather than letting it grow naturally. So she had a little mound of hair that he rather enjoyed, whatever that means!

Thanks as always to Cali for allowing me to share such a wonderful and revealing shot of Chris šŸ™‚

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  1. Very nice shot of Chris. Nice tits just handy size. Like the Negligee. The pubes look as though they might be Ginger? More please Caligula

  2. A super pic with those pretty, round tits accentuated by the arms behind the head. A lovely, confident pose. If only she were shaven down below to show us even more! (I expect others will disagree)….

  3. Yes John I am one of those that prefer my women to look like they have reached puberty down below. I may be old fashioned but we are all individuals.
    A gorgeous picture.of a gorgeous woman.

  4. Another great shot of the adorable Chris, who is close to being my idea of the perfect woman. More please!

    • Steve yes I quite like her too! I have one more even more revealing shot of Chris approved to post by Cali, but all in good time šŸ™‚

    • She has a great collection of nightwear for starters! A lovely figure too and in my opinion all the evidence points to her definitely being a natural blonde. Oh, and Iā€™m with Aardvark.
      A really sexy picture Cali.

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