Esquire Desire! (Original)

A beautiful unknown blonde from a restored set of Esquire 35mm colour slides in my collection. I’m always amazed how these slides restore after over 50 years, as they always seem to look so red.

Thanks to Tonal Range for identifying the model as Burlesque and Spick & Span model Adrienne Germaine 🙂

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  1. Any idea of the date?

    I am about 90% sure that the model is Adrienne Germaine. She was an amateur photographer herself apparently, and took or arranged some of her own glamour shots.

    • Perfect tonal and thank you for the name and I think it is her 🙂
      No idea as to the date as this and another of her were just in a set of 40 Esquire slides I bought. I would guess early 1960’s though based on the other images in the set.

  2. I found this link as they got her name right. She was actually a very prolific model in the late 50’s & maybe early 60’s.

  3. Really liked seeing this and great restoration. Wonderful hair and boobs.

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