Popping Out with Dawn! (Original)

A beautiful view of the stunning Dawn Grayson popping out of a long sheer negligee. This comes from a set of 35mm negatives taken by an amateur photographer at Jason Studio’s in London. I know this because these strips of negatives came in the original negative holder with all the details printed on the front. So these actual negatives were taken at Jason Studio’s on Tuesday September 20th, 1966. How’s that for precise.

A great pose from Dawn who looks stunning with her hair up and her small perky tits popping out from under the wrapped around negligee 🙂

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  1. Keep Dawn’s pics coming. 100% gorgeous.

  2. The negligee really is very sexy – open at the front to provide easy access to the breasts and sheer enough to allow a glimpse of Dawn’s lovely thighs. Great shot!

  3. She is such a pretty girl and her hair up is very 1960s. I see the negligee comes open all the way down the front only held together at the top. No wonder we had such fun in those days!

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