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Dawn & Gloria – A Real Dynamic Duo! (Original)

I love it when I come across a set of photos in my collection and realize they feature two of my favourite 1960’s models! I’ve been working through a huge collection of contact sheets and original prints I’ve bought over the last few months and there sitting amongst them was a set of shots of Dawn Grayson and Gloria Lomax together. How did I miss that! Anyway it’s a set of 12 shots of Gloria and Dawn posing on a black set in various poses with a plant stand and flowers between them. You can just see it behind them in this shot. Both girls are in all shots and look fabulous as they strike different poses.

As I’ve mentioned before Gloria and Dawn were friends and traveled together for assignments. I’ve published a few of them working together before here, but it’s a nice surprise to find I have an original set of them hiding in my collection. No idea if these ended up being published or who took the shots, but what a dynamic duo šŸ™‚

Dawn & Gloria – The Inseparables!

Dawn Grayson & Gloria Lomax as Melissa & Jenny from the US publication ‘Girl Friends’, appearing both on the cover and a small 3 page article titled The Inseparables!

Funnily enough both girls were friends or knew each other in real life and originally came from Luton, travelling up on the train to London for modelling jobs. Nice to see them appearing together in these photo’s although I do have an original of them posing together with a third model posted here. Not sure about the dodgy wig Gloria seems to be wearing in these shots, I assume it’s a wig!

Dawn & Gloria – Two’s Company, Three’s a Crowd! (Original)

I’ve only just received this original negative, but thought I’d share it, as it has two of my favourite 1960’s models in it, Dawn Grayson and Gloria Lomax (Donna Ambrose). Scanned from a 35mm slide it has Dawn, Gloria and another model that name escapes me for now posing on a lawn in just their knickers. I love the contrast in knickers with Gloria wearing white between the two others wearing black and a shame only Gloria is looking directly at the camera.

Having been contacted by Gloria in the past I knew that both her and Dawn used to travel up to London from Luton on modelling assignments, so it’s fantastic to actually see a shot of them modelling together. Gloria looks stunning as always, but a shame the others are looking away and it looked like a warm summer when this shot was taken as the grass looks a little dry!

Can anyone put me out of my misery and identify the third model in the shot, as it’s bugging me who she is?


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Dawn Grayson – Little Pink Sheer Number! (Original)

A cheeky little shot of Dawn Grayson posing in a very short sheer pink negligee that leaves little to the imagination! Taken outdoors at the same location as this original shot of Dawn and Gloria Lomax it comes from a scan of an original 35mm Kodak slide from my own Dawn collection and is only one of two shots I have from this set.


Note: This is an image from an original negativeĀ and subject to this copyright notice.

Gloria Lomax

I had the pleasure yesterday of being contacted via this site by none other than Gloria Lomax herself!  She contacted me via the comments on the ‘Who was Doris Weems‘ page.  She worked with Doris in the 1960’s and along with Annette Johnson had been photographed by Doris down in Wales amongst the sand dunes!

Having made further contact it transpires that she worked for GHM, Russell Gay and Ed Alexander to name a few during the 1960’s. She used to commute from Luton to London on a daily basis for work and used to often take the train along with Dawn Grayson.  What a wonderful titbit of information!

Gloria, many thanks for getting in touch via the site and I look forward to speaking to you again, especially around your time with Doris and Dawn.