Classic Lorraine! (Original)

A brilliant shot and pose of Lorraine Burnett by Russell Gay from an original print in my collection. I just love the fancy stockings and pearl necklace in this shot, plus the tin foil background, which in colour shots seems to have a multi-coloured look to it. Classic Lorraine in the way she looks and poses and this shot probably appeared in either Model or QT, both published by Gay.


Spinning a Yarn With Suzi!

A restored 10 by 8 print of the bountiful Suzi Shaw by Russell Gay taken at his studio. A typical shot that went on to appear in the likes of QT or Model magazines, with the model posing in underwear or other loose garments with various odd props dotted around. Still a rather nice shot of Suzi and her large tits hanging down in this pose 🙂


June & The Lamp Revisited

I first came across an image from this set back in January, when I published an edited version of a similar image from Nouvelle Serie De Studio No.48. Now I’ve come across three more shots of much better quality from the same set that were republished in the 1950’s Glamour Book. Three great shots of a young June from the early 1960’s and possibly taken by Russell Gay and posing with what looks to be a hanging incense lamp??


June Palmer – Model No.19 Cover

June appearing on the cover of Model No.19 by Russell Gay from the early 1960’s holding a small caged bird? This scan along with all the other pages of June including the tri-page centrefold were scanned and sent over by John to add to the magazine covers and appearance collection. The centrefold and other pages to follow shortly, but thanks to John for sending 🙂