Frequently Asked Questions!

Well this blog is now entering it’s 5th year and I seem to always get an upturn in traffic and new members in the New Year, along with loads of very nice mails and questions about the site. So rather than answer individually I thought I’d take the time to post a few of the common questions and answer them here.

Question: Why ‘The Kamera Club’?

The answer to that is in the title summary, but let me expand. I was a big fan of Harrison Marks long before I created this site, but got a renewed interest in his work back when I came across this image of Pamela Green from Kamera Backstage. Shortly after I joined the official Harrison Marks website (Now closed), but got frustrated at the lack of quality images of his work on that site and elsewhere. Hence I create my site and decided to name it after Harrison Marks most famous publication ‘Kamera’ and the rest as they say is history!

Question: Where do you get all content from?

Now, various sources, but mainly scans from original negatives and copies of the magazines I’ve either purchased myself or have been sent to me via an ever expanding group of fans and collectors such as myself. The aim of the site was always to publish quality images and a lot of effort goes into finding, editing and posting the content with relevant and sometimes irrelevant narrative  ? 

Question: I’ve seen your images elsewhere on the net, do you post anywhere else?

I’m amazed at how much of my work from this site has now proliferated out onto the Internet, both on other sites and being sold by others. It’s a big frustration of mine, but that’s the internet for you! As to where I post my work, I try and keep things simple and try and keep some control over my content, so restrict where I post. The primary source of everything is on here at ‘The Kamera Club’ including exclusive members only content posted nowhere else. I also automatically post to Twitter, but that is just public copies of the posts here. I’m also found over on Flickr where I tend to host all the images you see on here, but those are the only places I actively post. If you see my work anywhere else it’s not by me or approved, so do let me know?

Question: You must make loads of money from the site?

I wish! Any money that either comes from the one off payment for membership or donations goes right back into the site. Either to the costs of running the site year on year or to help buy new magazines, prints and negatives that end up back on the site for everyone to enjoy. I could probably make more money, start selling advertising etc, but that isn’t  the point of the site. As someone said it’s a real labour of love and something I enjoy doing, but the money helps keep the lights on.

I do try and help support and advertise other like minded sites and collectors, especially those that continually support the site, but I don’t make money from it. 

Question: Why the content from the 1970’s and 80’s and other sometimes ‘harder’ content?

Good question! Initially I focused on Harrison Marks, but even he went into other areas later in his career, so for completeness it seems only appropriate to include that content. As the site grew so did the content I collected, and my interest in other glamour related photographers and models. Yes, some of the models went on to do more than glamour, which I sometimes show off, but generally it’s because its never been seen before or better quality than is currently out there.

I make no apologies for the diverse content that I sometimes post, as it’s usually something that’s peaked my interest and I want to share with everyone. Generally the majority of the content is vintage glamour related, but sometimes it’s not. If it’s not your thing, close your eyes, look away and move on past it. We are all different and different things push different buttons ?

Question: How much content have you got?

Too much! I think at the time of writing this answer I have in excess of 30’000 edited images ready to post to the site. That doesn’t include the 100’s of magazines and 1000’s of negatives still to scan and edit, plus what I get sent via my other sources. Sometimes it’s a bit overwhelming and trying to decide what to post next is more difficult than you think and looking through everything for the next post I do get distracted a lot! Everything I post is carefully chosen and edited ready for the site and where I do restore images I try and keep it simple and not over edit them.

Question: How much time do you spend on the site?

Again, far too much of my time, but I enjoy doing it. I try and make sure that content is regularly posted to keep things moving, but this is still really just a hobby even if an obsessive one! I do have a full-time job and family outside of this, so it’s a fine balancing act between them all. Even I need a break for it all now and then, but thankfully in the connected world we live in now I can connect from pretty much anywhere at anytime. But do keep in mind I have a life outside of this, but do try and respond to everything as quickly as I can.


That’s it for now as I think I’ve pretty much covered the standard questions I get asked, but if you have any other burning question, please do let me know and I’ll add them to this list ?

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