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Ann Austin – Frontal Views From Ewhurst

I found two more shots of Ann Austin, one in the very short tight looking jacket that hardly covers anything let alone her chest and another wearing not a lot!  Two great shots of Ann from this set and a great shot of the frontage of Ewhurst in the background in the first shot and the familiar cottage door in the second.

A Modest Ann Austin!

The final image before Xmas and I leave you with a beautiful side profile of Ann Austin on the doorstep of Ewhurst Manor.  Another shot from this set and there is something about this shot and Ann trying to cover her breast that works.

All that leaves is for me to wish everyone a … Happy Christmas & New Year!

Ann Austin Through The Bay Window!

This is the 7th shot of this set of Ann Austin in and around Ewhurst Manor I’ve found and each one is equally as good!  This time posing in one of the bay windows at Ewhurst with the roses in the foreground.  A fantastic set of which you can see all the shots so far … here.  I wonder how many more there are?