Amber Magazine Covers

Amber Magazine a popular British glamour magazine of the 1950’s and 60’s, featuring the photos of Russell Gay and such great models as Rosina Revelle, Hazel Taylor, Lorraine Burnett, Sally Douglas, June Palmer, Jackie Parker, Margaret Nolan, Molly Peters, Frankie Young etc.  Not as popular as Russell Gays other publication ‘QT’ but still very collectable.

Amber No.1 (Nancy Roberts)
Amber No.2 
Amber No.3 (Virginia Green)
Amber No.4
Amber No.5
Amber No.6
Amber No.7 (Marie Davis)
Amber No.8 (Tina Madison)
Amber No.9 (Kathleen King)
Amber No.10 (Missing)
Amber No.11 (Missing)
Amber No.12 (Tina Graham)
Amber No.13
Amber No.14 (Diane Walker)
Amber No.15
Amber No.16 (Missing) 
Amber No.17 (Jill Stevens)
Amber No.18
Amber No.19
Amber No.20 (Marie Clarence)
Amber No.21 (Margaret Middleton)

I can identify some of the models in some of these first 21 covers, but some I don’t know or are familiar and can’t quite put a name to them!  Anyone that can identify the missing model names, then please do let me know.