C is For Coon (Xmas Calendar)

Caroline Coon as Mary Stephan (Blonde wig) in the uncensored version of a shot originally published in the Kamera Winter Special (1966). This version, which I prefer was actually published in Nature’s Intention Vol.1 No.2 P42 (1969). 

Happy Christmas From The Kamera Club

I’d like to wish everyone a Happy Christmas and prosperous New Year. I’d also like thank all of you that have supported the site and me over the last year, with feedback, comments and new content, as it’s always appreciated and what makes the site what it is and keeps me wanting to come back and do more and more.

Sorry, I copped out of the letter i for the calendar, but decided to create this years Christmas card instead. The card features one of my original images of Caroline Coon under the alias Mary Stephan posing on the Festive/Winter set, so very apt and if you look very closely in the shadow of the present you can just see a hint of bush! Ā Most of the shots on this set went on to appear in the Kamera Winter Special (1967), but this one doesn’t, so was either unpublished or more likely appeared in a normal edition of Kamera I’ve missed!

Thanks and I hope you enjoy the Christmas break with your families and friends šŸ™‚

A Little Tipple With Caroline (1967)

Caroline Coon posing at the bar in GHM’s flat with a very retro looking bottle of brandy! This shot appears in Kamera No.80 P36 (1967) and is one of seven shots of Caroline in this edition, posing around the living room of theĀ flat.

Caroline Coon on The Couch! (Original)

A restored print of Caroline Coon posing on a couch in all her fabulous glory, sent over by Kevin! I’ve posted plenty of retouched shots of Caroline, but I do enjoy seeing these shots of her where her thick bush is on display for all to see and enjoy.

Caroline Coon – Moves Like Jagger!

A great shot of Caroline Coon from the 1970’s that appeared in Fiesta and was taken by Terry Sparks, which also had an accompanying little story from Terry about Caroline and her friend, which will make the above title a little clearer. Story from Terry below:

Also enclosed is one of my shots of Caroline Coon scanned from a page in Fiesta. I worked with her several times andĀ I got to know her quite well and one day she brought her flatmate in to see me, an American girl called Marsha Hunt. Marsha was desperate for money and so I did a stills session with her and also an 8mm Glamour film shot at Ewhurst. She was very difficult to work with, full of her own importance and not really wanting to be photographed but needed the cash. A few weeks later she landed a part in the original London stageĀ production of Hair and then later she met Mick Jagger and they had a child called Karis. Ā I knew Mick Jagger vaguely as we both attended the same Grammar School, although he was a few years behind me. Ā AsĀ  far as I know, none of my pics of Marsha were ever published, I have a suspicion she may have done a deal with Russell Gay after landing her part in Hair, but I am only guessing.

I just love these little stories that come from Terry with his pictures as they give us a snapshot of things back then. Ā Terry calls them bits of useless information, but I disagree šŸ™‚