Audacious Audry! (Original)

I originally posted the published version of this Audrey Crane shot here in 2014. The original retouched version appeared in Kamera No.37 P23 (1961), but I now have the original negative of the shot, so thought I’d post a much clearer and uncensored version. As you can see the clarity is much better and even shows that Audrey had a fine covering of hair down below that the retouchers attempted to remove and not very well I may add!

I do like finding the originals of shots published in Kamera such as this 🙂

Audrey Crane

Another early model for Harrison Marks this time Audrey Crane from Kamera No.37 (1961) and credited as ‘Currently appearing at the Casino de Paris, London’. She also appeared in Kamera No.38 and In Focus No.3 & No.15 and details of her time and appearances at the Casino de Paris, London and it’s history can be found … Here