Hanging Out With Ann (Original)

Ann Austin just about to fall out of her little black dress/negligee or by the look on her face just about to give up a flash of her magnificent tits, the later I hope! Fantastic shot of Ann in the woodlands with plenty of bosom and cleavage on show without showing it all.

Eve Eden – Cleavage You Could Park a Bike In!

It must be an intermammary cleft sort of day for me today, or cleavage shots to the rest of you! Another great smile from Even Eden, but nothing can distract you from looking at that great cleavage on show and as the title suggests you could park a bike between those amongst of things!

Paula Page – An Eyebrow Raising Cleavage

Another shot of the well endowed Ms Page from the ‘Big Book of Breasts’. Not as revealing as the others but still giving us plenty of bosom to view! I’m not too sure what attracts my attention more in this shot, her cleavage or her bizarre ‘Spock’ like eyebrows! Either way she could ‘beam me up’ any time!

Dawn Grayson – Lady In The Lake

Beautiful shot of Dawn Grayson in long negligee posing knee deep in a lake from ‘Ed Alexander Photographs English Beauties’ (1964). I’m not sure I’d be that happy posing in the water like that, but all for one’s art!