Nancy Roberts – What a Choice!

Nancy Roberts on the cover of Connoisseurs Choice and Modelling Review Vol.4 No.2. I have a whole collection of CC & MR covers, many with familiar faces and bodies on the covers, it’s just a case of getting round to edit and post them, but love this one of Nancy.

June Palmer – A Connoisseurs Choice!

June Palmer on the cover of Connoisseurs Choice and Modelling Review Vol.5 No.8 in a nice pair of striped panties! Unsure of the date, but likely to be mid 1960’s at a guess? Thanks to Paul from Firebird Records who sent over this cover scan, plus a huge collection of other CC & MR covers.

June Palmer – A Walk on th Wild Side!

Two more shots of June appearing in Connoisseurs Choice & Modelling Review from the 1950’s. This time a naked June out and about in the sun from CC & MR Vol.4 No.7. I love the top shot of her waving behind as she wanders down some country lane stark naked and giving us an excellent view of her curves and that nice round arse!

June Palmer – Artistic Nude (1957)

Another shot of a young June from the pages of Connoisseurs Choice and Modelling Review, this time from Vol.5 No.3 (1957). Here we get a side on view of June as she leans against an artists easel, with another artistic nude painting attached.