Diane Hedges – Amongst The Blossom! (Original)

A beautifully restored shot of Diane Hedges posing amongst the flower blossom in white. This shot is from a 35mm colour slide that had the usual red tinge to it, but I was able to recover the colours. Regardless of the colour it’s a wonderful shot of Diane and I love the white sheer top and panties and that smile! I’d put this slide at somewhere between the late 1950’s or very early 60’s, but hard to tell as Diane tends to look the same in all the shots I have.

Diane Hedges – Glorious Globes! (Original)

Two more restored prints from this set of Diane Hedges from the late 1950’s showing off her glorious and well oiled body and those round glistening boobs! Thanks again to Girlymag for these two crystal clear shots of Diane 🙂

Diane Hedges – Oiled Beauty (Original)

Two shots of Diane Hedges nude and oiled from restored silver gelatin photo’s sent over by Girlymag. Taken and distributed in the late 1950’s Diane’s body and curves look fabulous with that glossy sheen, especially those boobs!


Note: This image is from an original print and subject to this copyright notice.

Diane Hedges – All Hair & Frilly Knickers (Original)

A restored 1950’s silver gelatin photo of Diane Hedges posing with her arms above her head wearing just a pair of frilly knickers. It looks like she had short hair at this time, which would align with other shots I have of her, but for some reason the photographer has added a long hair extension! Thanks to Girlymag for sending over this shot of Diane.


Note: This is an original image and subject to this copyright notice

Diane Hedges on The Casting Couch

Two fantastic shots of Diane Hedges on the very ornate reception type sofa, that I’ve posted before with June Russell posing on it. There’s something very classical about Diane’s look in these shots, with her short hair and elegant black negligee posing on the sofa.