Dawn Grayson – Kamera Calendar 1968 Cover

Thanks to John I now have a further two complete sets of scanned Kamera calendars for both 1968 and 1969! The penultimate and last calendars produced and starring some of my favourite later models, include of course Dawn Grayson, June Palmer and Julie Collins.

We start with the cover of the 1969 calendar featuring Dawn Grayson cuddling a snowman on festive set.  This was probably part of the photo shoot that appeared in the 1967 Kamera Winter Special, where I have already publish 3 shots of Dawn on the same set.

Thanks to John W for again scanning and sending copies of these calendars, as it is always appreciated by me for the time and effort he takes to do this for the site.

Xmas Cracker – Rosanna Garnon

Today’s Xmas Cracker comes from yet again the ‘Kamera Winter Special’, but the model today is unknown to me, but definitely a cracker with those tits! She appears several times in different poses on the festive set within the magazine, but can’t say I recognise her and that may be a blonde wig. 

Anyone know who she was and another one to add to the unknown model list!

Update: The model has now been identified as Rosa or Rosanna Garnon. Thanks to Portland for the ID and some great scans of her!

Happy Christmas & Thank You!

I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Christmas for the coming festivities and hope everyone has a relaxing break with family, as I plan to do!

Dawn Grayson from the first page of Kamera Winter Special (1967) – Yum!

I also wanted to thank everyone for the support they have shown to this site since it started in March and to the new Just June site.  Special thanks must go to John W, Simon, Phil, David, Alexei, Roop and everyone else for all their great contributions from original images and scans to the great comments and information that they impart – Thanks guys!

I’ll continue to update the sites over the Christmas period, but not as regularly as normal.

Happy Christmas and see you all in 2014!