What’s Your Kink?

Everyone has a fetish or two and no I’m not suggesting that the images in this post relate in any way to what mine might be, but if you’ve followed this site long enough I’m sure you could have a good guess! But I saw these two shots in Private Magazine No.39 (1977) under the title ‘Delight of Leather’ and both appealed, but for different reasons.

The first image I love the model, the outfit and the way the nipples stick out just above the bra and the vintage MG car, but also because of it’s location, which is of course Ewhurst Manor, identified by the front door. The second shot caught my attention because of the gold outfit and what is it with the gold mittens? But also it’s Teri Martine in long gold kinky boots! I know Teri went through a fetish/bondage stage as did some of the other models that once posed for Harrison Marks, but this is a very unusual one!

Anyway a different view of things and does anyone have any other shots of the top model in that outfit to help me out with one of my kinks 😉

Jayne Tracey – The Sexual Stimulation of Clothes!

Jayne Tracey wearing that red rubber outfit again, this time on the cover of Modern Life Illustrated Vol.1 No.1. Taken from the same shoot as the cover of Pussy Cat No.2, as it has a similar cover and photo’s of Jayne. I bet it was fun getting her in and out of that outfit and I’d have offered a hand or two!

Teri Martine in Skin Tight Rubber!

Teri Martine on the cover of the fetish magazine Pussy Cat, this copy being a special collectors edition! That rubber outfit is skin tight and leaves little room to move or little to the imagination, although I think the nipples are enhanced in this outfit!

It’s well known that after Teri’s early start in normal glamour modelling, she then went through a fetish stage including rubber and bondage.  This must have been at the beginning of that phase and the Pussy Cat magazine seems to have featured other well known Harrison Marks models including Jayne Tracey, Hazel Taylor and Gerry Brown (Below from the same magazine)

Some of Teri’s other fetish/rubber shots can be found here

Margaret Nolan – Search Magazine

A shot of Margaret Nolan from Search Magazine Vol.1 No.6 published in the late 1960’s, early 1970’s.  This was a fetish book headlined as ‘Search – For Adam and Eve Together’ and was claimed to be ‘The English fetish journal featuring correspondence, articles, fetish fashion, dominance, submission, stockings, shoes, boots, knickers and bondage.’