Eva Nieman – Seeing Double!

Eva Nieman on the cover of Follies De Paris Et De Hollywood Magazine No.463 in stereo! Again she seems to prefer the pigtails look, but in this shot we get double views of her figure and beautiful tits as reflected in a mirror. Shame the publishers decided to cut out round her figure and add in a red background, but we can’t have everything now can we? Still Eva Nieman in double shouldn’t be passed over and thanks to Ray for this great cover featuring her 🙂

Margaret Nolan – Paris Et De Hollywood

Margaret Nolan from the centre pages of Follies De Paris Et De Hollywood Magazine (1960’s). A great photo, but I’m not a great fan of the way all there images had the orange and blue tinting to them as I’d rather see natural colours.  Still a great shot of Ms Nolan though!

Jackie Parker & Lorraine Burnett – Only Pearls Will Do!

Jackie Parker (Background) and Lorraine Burnett wearing nothing more than pearls! A fantastic bosom squeezing image and both look naturals wearing a pearl necklace and not forgetting the big natural bosoms of the two as well!

This shot seems to be one of the last from this set that may have appeared in Follies De Paris Et De Hollywood Magazine.

June in Blue – Paris Et De Hollywood Cover

June adoring the cover of Folies De Paris Et De Hollywood No.332, date unknown as they never seemed to put the month or year on the cover!  The cover as with the internal images tended to have a bleached orange/blue tri-coloured look that made the magazine stand out from the rest. Nice Cleavage shot!

Restored back to it’s original colours and creases removed and Thanks to John W for the high resolution scan.

June Palmer – Negligee in the Sun!

I think this is a young June Palmer posing outdoors in the sun in just a blue negligee.  The tri-colours and colouring makes me think that it probably appeared in an edition of Folies de Paris et de Hollywood, but not sure which? (Source: La Dulzura on Tumblr)