June Palmer – Venetian Blinds Revisited

As promised a refresh of the June Palmer ‘Venetian Blinds’ set of a mature June Posing at her home for John W in front of some blinds. Taken by John in 1986, this has to be one of my all time favourite sets of an older June and well worth seeing again.

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June & The Sheepskin Rug in 3D (Original)

3D glasses time again! Another shot of June in long blonde wig posing on the infamous sheepskin rug and all in 3D from John. I don’t know if the blonde wig is the same she used when she posed as Joanna Kent, or just another from her massive selection of props! Taken by John in the 1980’s it’s nice to see June’s bum in 3D, nearly (but not quite!) as good as seen it in real life.


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The Derrière of Doreen Pierre (1966)

Published for no other reason than I just had to use that title and the ring it had to it! Two restored 35mm slides of Doreen Pierre (if that is her name!) from June, 1966. Doreen showing us her wonderful figure and that great behind, with the top shot just showing us a hint of a bit more too!