Aphrodisia Review

There is a great review over on Gavcrimson’s blog about Aphrodisia, the 1970 glamour film from Harrison Marks, which came in two parts.  The first part came with the description – ‘A film featuring eight characters in sexual action to excite and amuse. A story in the 007 style with fabulous birds and sexy bad men including one virile young man called Captain X. Meet Cherry Doubleday, blonde innocent and beautiful, and a group of delectable girls’

What interested me was that ‘Captain X’ was played by none other than Emmett Hennessy, who contacted me and this site to see if I had a copy of Aphrodisia.  Unfortunately I hadn’t, but I’m glad to see Emmett got in contact with Gav and has been able to acquire a copy of the film he starred in.

Excellent review, so go take a read as I’m always amazed at the amount of details Gav manages to find!


June Palmer – Original ‘Calamity June’ 16mm Film Scan

And now for something completely different and original!  A scan of an original piece of the colour 16mm film ‘Calamity June’. 

The first thing I noticed was it was in colour, as the copy of ‘Calamity June’ I have is black and white!  This was from a reel of offcuts and out-takes from Arthur Howell, provided to a contact of mine John*, who had hoped there would be enough to make his own version of the film, but sadly there wasn’t. At least there are some nice stills to share.
Arthur told John he had sold the 16mm colour originals of his films to George Harrison Marks, so who knows where they are today, but a 16mm copy, surfaced on Australian eBay a few years ago and went for about £5000!
Note: This is an original image and subject to this copyright notice, but can be shared as long as the image remains unaltered and this website is acknowledged as the source.

Miss Britt Hampshire (8mm Film)

Another Heritage Film by Peter Walker, this time introducing Britt Hampshire in a 13 minute glamour film, which states that she has ‘The face and figure you’ll never forget’ and that she was a 17 year old glamour starlet. 

The film is 13 minutes of Britt in various locations, from waking up, having a bath, then relaxing on the sofa before actually putting some clothes on, even if it is only underwear!

A nice simple little 8mm film that titillates, but ultimately shows you little, very different form today’s digital world where everything is accessible and on show!



June Palmer The Newlywed (Video Clip)

Another great little find over on YouTube from John W  The Clip is of June Palmer in a short extract from the never finished epic “Brides in the Bath”, shot by June’s then husband Arthur Howell.
Summary: George finds that being married to Margaret is not what he thought it would be as he has several attempts at getting amorous with Margaret, all ending in failure!  In a brilliant piece of casting June plays the dowdy middle-aged spinster Margaret Elizabeth Lofty, who remains clothed (Just!) throughout despite George ‘s best efforts!

As John on his summary says – I think Palmerphiles round the world would like this clip, which has never been seen since it was shot, I think in 1971.


‘Jayne Tracey’ (8mm Film)

I came across this wonderful short Glamour film of Jayne Tracey over on Dailymotion by user gpgoogle and just had to share it!  Not only does it star one of my favourite 1960’s models stripping, but shows a brief glimpse of 1960’s central London at the beginning.

Apparently it is an early 8mm glamour film by Pete Walker (better known for his 1970’s horror films)  under his company Heritage Films, which produced a number of glamour shorts. I’ve added the title ‘The Vocalist’. but don’t believe that is the original title.

Other glamour films produced by Heritage Films that I’ve not seen, but would be interested in getting a copy are:

Dawn Grayson in “There Was An Old Lady”
Dawn Grayson in “The Burglar”
Dawn Grayson in “Dawn’s Law”
Annette Johnson in “Dream of Annette”
Annette Johnson in “008 Stripped for Action”
Jayne Tracey in “Funny Customs”
Jayne Tracey in “Tricky Tricks”
Jayne Tracey & Anne Wilson in “The Secretary’s Secret”

So if anyone out there knows where to get hold of copies please let me know?