Dawn Grayson – Precariously Perched! (Original)

A precariously perched Dawn Grayson on a step ladder outside the front of Ewhurst Manor. This shot does it for me on so many levels! The small perfectly formed tits with perky nipples, the pose on ladder as she stands on tiptoes with that delectable bum sticking out! With health and safety at the forefront of my mind I would just have to offer to hold the ladder for her, as I’d hate for her to fall off, plus I’m sure the view directly below that bum would be worth it (perv!)

Anna Verdi – Look at The High Beams on Her!

Anna Verdi posing with a fur wrap, but more importantly look at the cracking pair of nipples on her. 

It got me thinking to what you call a pair of hard nipples in terms of slang words, so I went looking and was surprised at the numerous slang words for them there are! As the title suggests they can be referred to as ‘High Beams’, but my favourite must be a couple of ‘Bruce Lee’s’, which takes a bit of working out and is slightly racist or politically incorrect, but hey it made me laugh! Anyway you could definitely hang your hat or coat on those!

Bath Time With Ann Walker

Ann Walker with an unusually big bouffant hairstyle from her, as we’re more used to seeing her with it short or tied back. This shot is of her naked in the bath, but not sure it’s warm enough looking at the nipples on her!

Elaine Desmond – The Perfect Pick Me Up!

A luscious looking Elaine Desmond with a cup of coffee, the perfect pick me up for a cold morning.  Not sure about the yellow shag-pile carpet though and looking at those nips (as I do!) she looks a little cold too!  Anyone know where this image was published?