Curved Lines of A Goddess! (1960’s)

Another of those artistic shots by Harrison Marks where you can’t see the face of the model, not that you need to see the face! A fabulous figure and curves, whoever it is and that profile of her bosom shows off it’s perfect shape!

Sophia & Her Midnight Shadow (Original)

A highlighted view of Sophia Dawn in the studio by Harrison Marks. What is not to like about this shot, Sophia’s perfect hour glass waist and hips, the beautiful use of light and shadows to show off her body, or the hint of stubble (midnight shadow) down below.

All perfectly highlighted in this shot as she looks away from the camera and if there was any slight criticism it would be, what is she doing with her hands? It looks like she’s playing a game of head, shoulders, knees and toes? Maybe she was and that would have been fun to watch 🙂 

June Palmer – Contrasted Highlights on Black (Original)

Well it’s back to normality and work, so what better way to perk things up than with June nude! This is the third shot from the ‘Nude on Black‘ set, which consists of 18 35mm shots taken of June posing nude against a black background. The black of the background allows for a good contrast to June’s


Note: This is an original image and subject to this copyright notice.

June Palmer – Highlighted on Black (Original)

A second shot from the ‘Nude on Black‘ series from John and this time a different view than the norm, as in a rear view! Most images tend to focus on the obvious front views of June, but this shot of June from behind is a stunner! The way June is kneeling with her feet tucked under her and the use of lighting just highlights a wonderful view of her beautiful bum in this shot, so shapely and round and a rear view worth looking at you will agree!


Note: This is an original image and subject to this copyright notice.

The Sleek & Elegant June Simpson (1959)

Another wonderful shot of June Simpson posing for Harrison Marks wearing the daisy earrings from Kamera No.20 P20 (1959). A simply stunning pose with that long blonde hair and daisy earrings and probably from this set, including one of my own original colour negatives.