One To Keep You Going! – Julie (1964)

Something to keep you going whilst I sort out the site hosting and a much better view than me ranting 🙂 Julie (Shearing) posing in the living room of GHM’s Gerrard Street flat from Kamera Special No.4 (1964)

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Julie – Gloriously Uncensored!

I’m a big fan of Julie (Shearing) and the Latin look she had in these early shots by Harrison Marks, even though she was a London lass! Not only her looks, but when you see the few uncensored shots of her such as this you get to see her showing off her full thick glorious pussy as well! The strap line for my other blog DaysGoneByPorn is ‘an era when a pussy really was a pussy you could get lost in’ and think that is very apt for this shot as well! Unfortunately the shots of Julie in all her glory are few are far between, but here are a few I have posted to enjoy!

Julie (Shearing) – Carnival Magazine

Well there you go I’ve just found this shot of Julie Shearing and found out that it’s only ‘Julie’ that appeared for Harrison Marks! Despite her Latin looks in early Kamera editions, she was actually born in London! After modelling for GHM she also went on to have several small appearances in several British made films in the 1960’s.  These included The Bulldog Breed (1960) starring Norman Wisdom and the Cover Girl Killer (1959) with Harry H. Corbet.
You learn something new every day and she was obviously a versatile girl as looked nothing like her modelling days in some of the films!