Ronni’s Peachy Rear! (Original)

I love this shot and it’s whole composition, from the rear view of that peachy bum, the white fishnet stockings to the way you can see the front view as well as the back in the mirror reflection. The model is Ronni Phillips from another set of original contact sheets taken by Terry Sparks in July 1971. A perfectly peachy shot!

Neva – Kamera Calendar, July 1968

Neva in the doorway of the Lantern Cottage set from the July page of the 1968 Kamera Calendar. A stunning dusky woman from Trinidad not blessed with the largest of chests and a strategically placed hand covering below, which is a real shame as she had the most fantastic thick lush bush on her! I suppose full frontal shots were a bit risque for the calendars back then, even though most ended up on the walls of workshops etc.

Marilyn Monroe – Fiesta Magazine, July 1957

Not my normal post, but one I couldn’t resist! I’m a big Marilyn Monroe fan and I used to post images of her on an old blog, but there are so many images out there of her I got a little bored! I came across these shots and hadn’t seen them before and they were in an early Fiesta Magazine (July 1957), along with some other of my favourite models.  Anyway I loved the classic cover and her as the centrefold, so decided to post on here for a change 🙂