June’s Cheeky Sofa Rear!

Ah the ‘Casting Couch’ as I call it makes another appearance, this time with June Russell posing on it for the lucky cameraman. I’ve posted a couple of June on this couch before here, but she must have had several wardrobe changes, as some she has gloves, panties and some nothing 🙂 This one gives us a cracking view of June’s round arse with the black panties pulled up to reveal as much of it as possible without them being removed.

June Russell – Sofa Seduction

Another shot from a set of June Russell on the familiar ‘casting’ couch used by many other models! Unlike the first shot here, she seems to have discarded the gloves and stockings in this shot, so obviously further on in the set. Still a very classy shot of June reclining on the sofa.

June Russell – Sofa Shenanigans (Original)

An original image of a very sexy looking June Russell posing on a very classic and formal looking sofa! Loving the sideways view of June in those long gloves and stockings as she half kneels on the sofa.  Interestingly, looking back through my archives this sofa seems to make numerous appearances in shots with other models such as Lorraine Burnett, Eve Eden and Paula Page to name a few.  It makes you wonder if this was more like the renowned ‘casting’ couch?

June Russell – A Sharp Intake of Breath! (1958)

Another June and another different view, this time from below! I’m not actually sure if it was taken from below or she was laying back and the photo has been rotated 90 degrees? Anyway a different view of June Russell from Kamera No.16 (1958) and a shape intake of breath from her as this shot was taken I think!