Paula in Disguise?

An interesting one from Kamera No.29 (1960) and an image of a model I didn’t recognise until I saw a pencil written note on the page bottom saying Paula P? So is this Paula Page in a wig and more make-up than normal?  The figure, shape and size of the boobs sure do suggest that it could be, but the two other images in the same magazine don’t show her full face, so just as vague. Thoughts?

Update: Thanks to Portland the model has been identified as Terry Maloney and not Paula Page as we original discussed and agreed it wasn’t. Good to put another name to a face or should I say body and another model identified that also posed for GHM.

An Glistening Erica

It seems that Harrison Marks had a thing for Erica, well Erica oiled up anyway as I’ve seen more or Erica with oil on her body than other models for GHM. Not that I’m complaining as her body and those curves sure do look good when oiled up! This excellent example of her oiled curves comes from Kamera No.29 (1960)

Unknown Beauty Spot Blonde (Gaby Rougier)

This stunning unknown blonde only appears twice in Kamera No.29 (1960), but certainly has an impact, but can anyone identify her as I can’t?  In the second shot she appears posing with Jean Spaul.

Update: This model has now been identified as Gaby Rougier, thanks to Jeff 🙂

Virgina Green – A Furry Outlook

A magnificently posed Virginia Green featuring two of Harrison Marks favourite props, a sheepskin rug and a long black negligee from the pages of Kamera No.29 (1960).

Two things strike me about this image, Virginia has always seems to have perfect lips. Secondly what is going on between her legs! Is that just the sheepskin rug and shadowing, or shoddy retouching that got past the censor! I can’t quite make my mind up, but based on other images of her I’ll go with a trick of the light 🙂