Zigrinda – Nice Hat, Shame About The Face!

Another of GHM’s one name models, this time Zigrinda from page 2 of Kamera No.87 (1968). She only appeared for GHM in Kamera No.87 and the glamour film ‘Zigrinda, Britain’s Top Stripper’.  The three images from No.87 are all from the same set of her wearing the white hat and black push up bra, but to be honest she is one of the few GHM models that just doesn’t do it for, don’t ask me why, she just doesn’t!

Erica & The Striped Shirt

Erica posing on the loft set wearing a striped shirt and pigtails. One of the two shots of Erica that appears in Kamera No.87 (1968), this one appearing on page 8. It was probably from a much earlier date as GHM had a tendency to throw a few old shots into the later editions of Kamera.

Just Jill!

Jill from Kamera No.87 (1968) posing in front of a familiar mirror in the bathroom.  No full name and I only know her first name was Jill as the back cover of the same magazine it advertises a postcard set of her under the name Jill.  That’s not to say that’s her real or normal modelling name, as we know GHM liked to use his own names for models!  Anyone know the full name of this fine figure of a woman?

Kay Fitzsimmons

Kay Fitzsimmons from Kamera No.87, Page 27 (1968). Kay posed for Harrison Marks and appeared in Solo No.14 and Kamera Calendar 1966. She also appeared on cover of Kamera No.29 and also in No.27, 38, 42, 43, 44, 52, 57, 64 & No.87.  This was the sole image used of her in No.87 and is obviously taken from an earlier period (1960?) than the others, but thrown in as a single image as GHM had a tendency to do!


Known only as Vicky she posed for GHM on several occasions and appeared in Kameras No.83, No.84, No.86 and No.87. She was commonly associated with Stevie and both appeared in the Glamour film ‘Swinging High’. This shot comes from Kamera No.87 (1968) and was taken in the grounds of Ewhurst Manor as the wicker chair is a common prop with other models as well. Yes the pubic region has been severely retouched in this image!