Annlyse Back on Black (Original)

Another beautiful shot of Annlyse posing on a black background for Harrison Marks from an original medium format negative. A great shot of Annylse in the studio and I do like the shots GHM took using a black background and lighting highlighting all the right bits! This shot was also printed in Kamera No.36 P28 (1960) although the image was reversed on that page.

Erica – Kamera No.36 Cover (1960)

The cover of Kamera No.36 (1960) featuring one of my big busted favourites, Erica. This comes from a scan of my own copy from my growing collection of Kamera magazines and needed very little doing to it, apart from a tweak to the colours, as this copy is in near perfect condition for it’s age, with the cover only slightly faded.

Angelic Annlyse (1960)

Another model that never had a second name, well I’m sure she did but she was only ever referred to as Annlyse. She appears on her own and as a duo with Dorte in Kamera No.36, 37, 44, 48 & 53 and also co-stars with Dorte in Harrison Marks glamour film No.15: ‘Too Cold for Comfort’ (1961). Apparently both girls were over on a holiday from Denmark and agreed to pose for GHM, he must have been very persuasive.

Annlyse had a great figure with small upturned boobs, but the retoucher hasn’t done a good job in this shot on her pubic region, as proportionally it looks wrong and drawn in! This shot comes from Kamera No.36 P24 (1960)