Michelle From Kamera No.87

A stunning blonde in see-through negligee from page 45 of Kamera No.87 (1968).  The only appearance she makes in this edition and I only have the name Michelle as she appears in an advert on the back cover under that name. 

The advert offers five glossy unretouched postcards of your favourite models including Monique, Barbara, Laya, June, Zigrinda, Ann, Jill and Michelle.  Most are obvious, but Jill and Michelle were new to me and I’ll post Jill soon! Anyway Michelle is stunning, anyone got any more of her?

Ann Day – Kamera No.87

More of Ann Day and her big boobs from Kamera No.87 (1968).  My copy of this magazine arrived today and for 45 years old it is in almost immaculate condition, I’d actually say this copy hasn’t been distributed as it has no creases or marks anywhere!  The colour images are perfect with no fading at all and all for the bargain cost of £4 including postage! This is the final image in the magazine on page 48 and one that shows Ms Days perfect big tits!

More of Kamera No.87 and Ann Days tits to come …