Ann Walker From Karama No.1

One of several shots of Ann Walker from the pages of Karama No.1.  This set consists of Ann in a short see through negligee posing in front of a background of old newspapers stuck to the wall.  Unknown as whom took the shots, but very similar style to that of GHM.

A Surreal Surrounding For Lorraine Burnett

Lorraine Burnett from a set of photographs that appear in the pages of Karama No.1.  Lorraine appears in this set totally nude posing forwards and from behind, but  what intrigues me more is the surreal background.  From what I can tell it seems to be square sheets of tin foil with a smaller squared pattern randomly stuck to the wall behind her!  Very surreal and distracting, but not that distracting from the main subject 🙂

June From Karama No.1 (Original)

My latest acquisitions arrived today and amongst them was a magazine called Karama No.1 (1960’s?) published by A.P Roberts.  This small format magazine very similar to Kamera consists of 50 pages of some very familiar models and there amongst them were several images of June Palmer I’ve never seen!  All are from the same shoot and are of June totally nude, but obviously retouched.

Above is one of the images scanned and cleaned up, but another wonderful June find! More coming soon …

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