Kathleen’s Corset Strip (1950’s)

A restored silver gelatin photo of glamour model Kathleen Cooper from the late 1950’s. Kathleen also appeared in early TOCO publications such as Span Magazine and previous to that worked as a showgirl in the Windmill theatre.

Out of interest this photo along with many others was found in a box in the rafters of an old garage being clean out and sent to me by a member. Obviously somebody’s secret stash of risque glamour photo’s!

Kathleen Cooper – Windmill Girl Uncovered (1958)

I published the above image of an unknown model from Kamera Special No.2 (1958) last year on a page on unknown models, but had no idea who she was! Thanks to Jeff she’s now been identified as the model known as Kathleen Cooper, who appeared in the pages of Span Magazine No.43 (March 1958).  I’ve published a couple of pages from Span, but I think you’ll agree it’s one and the same person, although showing off a lot more for GHM!

Thanks to Jeff for sending the identification through and the Vintage Fetish site for the images.

A Medley of Unknown Models!

An assortment of unknown models photographed by Harrison Marks and appearing in different publications more than once!

Kathleen Cooper

Kamera Special No.2 (1958)
This oriental model appears in numerous early glamour publications including Kamera Special No.2 & Model No.14, but who is she?
Doris Hurst

Finally an unknown model sent through from Phil D, no idea where it came from or who she is, but a cracking figure and bosom on display, so would love to find out more?
I’ll add them to the unknown models page, which is growing bigger and bigger, but if you can ID any of them leave a comment.