A Kneeling Nancy (1959)

Nancy Roberts kneeling on the steps of a building in the grounds of Sheplegh Court, Devon from a scan of a photographic glass plate. Another from the set of Nancy in the grounds of Sheplegh Court in 1959, when she was a mere 20 years old and taken by Leslie L. Bainbridge, editor of H&E (Health & Efficiency) magazine and then Girl Illustrated.

Nancy Roberts – Higher or Lower? (Original)

Nancy Roberts teasing us as she decides if the knickers are coming down or staying on! Regardless of direction a great shot of Nancy and a fantastic smile, as she always seems to be so cheerful in her shots, with or without clothes on! Thanks to Paul from Firebird Records and hello to new member Dave W. of Putney, who was pointed in the direction of this site via Paul, so thanks for the great shot and referral and welcome Dave!


Note: This is an original image and subject to this copyright notice.

Nancy Roberts – Monte Carlo or Bust! (Original)

Let’s face it, if you get down as far as Monte Carlo with Nancy Roberts you are already onto a winner! A great shot of Nancy posing on the sofa in a very interesting set of themed panties and I wonder what location is placed lower down between her legs 😉

This restored silver gelatin photo was sent over from Girlymag, who has just put up a new listing of photo’s for sale of some of your favourite 1950’s and 60’s glamour models, so worth a look here. And thanks to him for sending this and other shots over for me to share on this blog 🙂

Nancy Roberts – Naked & Happy! (Original)

I’m currently going through a huge collection of early vintage glamour images and helping Oxxbridge Galleries to identify the models in them. As part of that deal they are kindly providing high resolution scans of some of the prints I’m interested in to share on this site. One small set of 8 images I helped identify was that of Nancy Roberts and the above shot is restored from one of those prints. In most of the shots Nancy is posing naked with a big smile of her face, a combination you don’t often see (Well the big smile anyway!), but regardless of the smile Nancy looks as stunning as ever and in this set she also seems to be wearing a huge set of bangles.

I also had contact from a new member today who remembers seeing Nancy in magazines and on TV back in his youth and wondered if I had any images of her? I sure do as you can see 🙂