A Naturally Sunny View! (Original)

We may be having wet and windy weather here in the UK, but here’s a sunnier outlook for you all to enjoy! A shot of a European naturist enjoying the sun and showing off her sun kissed body with small perky tits and a very thick natural pussy! This comes from a set of 100’s of contact sheets all of naturists, which I have no idea what to do with as not really my area of interest. Most are European, but some are located in known naturist camps in the UK 🙂

Album Eldorado Covers With Some Familiar Faces

Another nice little find of a magazine called Album Eldorado, which was a digest size magazine (6.7 x 9.6 inch) published in Denmark by Forlaget Studia Publications in the late 1950’s and 60’s.
The magazine consisted of 36 pages including covers, with a colour cover and the interior pages were illustrated throughout with black and white nude photographs. Another magazine that claimed it was a naturist magazine with full-page photographs of beautiful women in outdoor poses, basking in the sun and amidst nature. There was also an introduction page with brief text in Danish, English, and German. 
I don’t recognise some of the models, but by issue No.30 onwards they start to get very familiar 🙂



No.5 – Unknown


No.11 – Unknown


No.28 – Unknown


No.30Carron Gardiner


No.31 – Jackie Salt


Unknown No. – Pamela Green


No.33 – Unknown


Inside No.33 – June Palmer


No.34 – June Palmer


No.34  – Intro Page


No.35 – Jayne Tracey, Ewhurst Front


Inside No.35 -Jayne Tracey in Ewhurst Garden


No.36 – Wendy Luton


Inside No.36 – Maxine Miller in Ewhurst Garden


No.37 – Unknown

Dawn Grayson – Solis No.70

I stumbled across this little beauty!  Dawn Grayson & unknown model on the cover of a naturist magazine called Solis posing on the grass area out the front of Ewhurst Manor.
This is Solis No.70, published by Nordisk Bladcentral in 1964 and was a 32 page digest-sized magazine that claimed to be the “international sunbathing and nature living magazine” providing quality photos of nudes and nudists in outdoor settings, posed or at play.
During the 1950’s and 60’s by classing your magazine as a nudist or naturist magazine you seemed to be able to get away with a little more riskier content than normal, hence the large number of popular nudist magazines at the time!

NANI Film Posters

Film Poster Advertising The NANI Film Showing at the Spielplatz Naturist Club, Hertfordshire, Where Some of NANI Was Filmed.
International Japanese Version Avertising The Film – Love The Clever Editing Making it Look Like Pamela Green is Wearing a Bra!
Finally on a Double Bill Showing With The ‘Secrets of a Windmill Girl’ & Love The Side Heading of a Slap & Tickle Double Bill!

Naked As Nature Intended – New Behind The Scenes Book!

Documenting the film of Harrison Marks’ nudist feature Naked as Nature Intended. A hardback book covering behind the scenes exclusives and never before seen pictures from the film, with text from Pamela Green’s unpublished biography. This book is available to order online from Amazon and more details can be found on Pamela Green: Never Knowingly Overdressed

 Bridget Leonard, Pamela Green, Jackie Salt & Petrina Forsyth With Strategically Placed Bags & Towels!
 Pamela Relaxing on a Swing Between Takes