Multi-Coloured Michelle (Original)

A very colourful shot of the model known only as Michelle by Harrison Marks. A stunning pose from Michelle that is slightly overpowered by the different vibrant colours in the shot, from the patterned orange curtains or the large blue seating area.  The colour and styles are very late 1960’s and have appeared in many other shots from GHM, but seeing them in colour really makes things stand out!

Saying that Michelle is a stunning blonde and looks fabulous in that open long sheer negligee. A shot from this set appear in Nature’s Intention Vol.1 No.2 (1969). She seems to have a thing for wearing negligees, as the only other shot I have of her from Kamera No.87

Angela Duncan – A Colourful Pose! (Original)

Another fabulous shot of Angela Duncan from an original negative in my own collection. This time Angela is seen posing on a familiar studio set with the orange curtains and wearing a long black negligee off the shoulders to reveal her ample tits!

Joanna Kent – How To Ride a Chair Again! (Original)

June Palmer as Joanna Kent (Long blonde wig) in the studio posing nude as she sits on a chair backwards. A beautifully posed shot and she sure knows how to put a chair to good use when posing for a shot! Taken at Strobe Studio’s this set including the orange curtains has appeared in other June shots along with various other models.

Dawn Grayson – A Little Overdone! (Original)

A different shot of Dawn Grayson from an original medium format negative, that unfortunately I had to restore and crop down as the edges were faded and very magenta in colour. I’ve never seen any of these shots before of Dawn and the outfit is unusual. Not only that, but it seems Dawn had been out in the sun a little too long and caught the sun on the top of her thighs and arms, as they look a little red in comparison to her white tits that you can see through the blue mesh top! A most unusual shot and outfit with the blue top in comparison to the yellow panties. I have no idea who took this shot or if it even appeared in any publication.

The orange sheet on the floor made me chuckle, as I have an old pair of curtains in that very same colour and material. They are not used as curtains, but more as old dust sheets for painting etc and I think they came from my parents, but don’t remember them as curtains. Funny to see them in a shot back in the 1960’s, again not as curtains but as floor covering. I’ll never be able to look at those covers in the same light again next time I have them out for decorating 🙂


Note: This is an image from an original negative and subject to this copyright notice, but can be individually shared as long as the image remains unaltered and this website is acknowledged as the source.