Just Julie in The Front Room! (1964)

Julie Shearing from P34 of the Kamera Special No.4 (1964) sat on a rug on a front room set, with the familiar diamond wallpaper in the background. Although published in 1964 the shot was taken much earlier by GHM as Julie posed for him during the late 1950’s.

April Dawson – Trimmed Tan-Lines (1969)

A very tanned blonde unknown model from Nature’s Intention Vol.1 No.2 P34 (1969) by Harrison Marks. love the clear definition on the tan-lines on this model and her pussy doesn’t look as wayward as on other models from this publication. Maybe as such a sun lover she kept things trimmed and tidy below, so nothing peaked out from beneath the bikini! All in all a cracking figure and perky tits, highlighted by the tan. I don’t recognise the model, but added her to the unknown models list for identification. The set looks to be the harem/casbah set from the little I can see?

Update: Thanks to Terry the model has been identified as April Dawson.