Dawn Grayson – No Need To Unwrap! (Original)

Does it get any better on the run up to Christmas than a nude Dawn Grayson underneath the Christmas tree! By Harrison Marks and originally published in the Kamera Winter Special P7 (1967) this is a scan from the original negative, although I do own a copy of the special itself. I think Dawn looks at her superb best in this special and a very similar shot to this appeared on Kamera Calendar 1968 January page.

I also think the Winter Special has to be one of my favourite Kamera specials, but with lots of fabulous winter nudes. Unfortunately I roll a new batch out every Christmas and there are only a few good shots left I haven’t published. Maybe time to revisit a few of the classic favourites once I’ve exhausted my collection. It’s also a shame GHM never decide to do another Winter Special as I’m sure it would have been as popular as all the other specials.

Jenny From Down The Lane! (1968)

Jenny Lane posing on the Casbah set from Kamera No.88 (1968). A nice body, but not the most attractive of models to pose for GHM and an awful bit of retouching in this shot, especially as she had a nice lush pussy on show in some of the uncensored shots I have.

Julie – Gloriously Uncensored!

I’m a big fan of Julie (Shearing) and the Latin look she had in these early shots by Harrison Marks, even though she was a London lass! Not only her looks, but when you see the few uncensored shots of her such as this you get to see her showing off her full thick glorious pussy as well! The strap line for my other blog DaysGoneByPorn is ‘an era when a pussy really was a pussy you could get lost in’ and think that is very apt for this shot as well! Unfortunately the shots of Julie in all her glory are few are far between, but here are a few I have posted to enjoy!