An Important Vote!

Forget the coming European Elections as there’s a much more important vote that needs your attention! The vote for the next set of glamour video’s to be published, which is of course far more important. This time I’m offering you a collection of 4 very different video’s for you to consider from my collection and to help in this important decision I’ve included a brief description of each film, the models and some screen caps to help

The votes are open for a week and as last time you get two votes each, so again choose wisely on the video you want to see first. The voting is at the bottom of the page after the descriptions. Your vote Counts 🙂

Turn Me On! (Wanda Liddell) – A unretouched softcore colour film featuring Wanda Liddell and the TV repair man. Who needs TV with a bush like that!

The Casting Couch (Angela Duncan) – A Harrison Marks unretouched softcore Maximus film featuring the busty Angela Duncan on the casting couch, plenty of boobs and bush!

Bathing Beauty (Ann Austin) – A colour glamour film featuring the wonderful Ann Austin taking a bubble bath!

Session with Cleo (Cleo Simmonds) – A Harrison Marks glamour film featuring the man himself and Cleo Simmonds filmed at Ewhurst Manor. Busty heaven!

Which Film Would You Like To Titillate You First?

  • Casting Couch (Angela Duncan) - Sofa So Good! (33%, 46 Votes)
  • Bathing Beauty (Ann Austin) - I Want Bubbles! (25%, 34 Votes)
  • Turn Me On! (Wanda Liddell) - Bring on The Bush! (22%, 31 Votes)
  • Session with Cleo (Cleo Simmonds) - I Want Cleo's Cleavage! (20%, 27 Votes)

Total Voters: 120

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So What Will It Be? (Poll)

So I now have copies of the 4 films above that were all kindly converted by Colin from Cine Film 2 DVD, but the big question now is which one first? So rather than me just choosing the one I favour I thought I’d open it up to you lot. So I’ve created a quick poll to see which order you want to see the films, by voting for your favourite film. The vote is open until Monday afternoon, so vote now and you get 2 votes, so choose wisely!


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Would You Sign Up?

Now that the site has been up and running on it’s new hosting for a while I’m thinking of making a few changes. One of these changes I’m considering is to allow membership to the site, so that members could see extended content.  I’m not planning on making you pay to become a member (yet!) and a lot of the site content would still be available to none members. But by using a simple sign up to become a member you would see additional content such as high resolution images, extra videos and a few other things I’ve been thinking about. I’m looking to do this on both this site and my Just-June site as well.

I’m interested in what you think, so you can either anonymously use the poll to vote below or leave a comment or both! FYI the members area is already active, just no members to see it 😉

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