Elaine Desmond – Caught In The Act! (Original)

Plenty to see in this shot of Elaine Desmond taken by Harrison Marks. Seductively kneeling on the living room floor of GHM’s flat next to a stack of records and record player, Elaine has definitely been caught in the act of showing of her naked body and perfect smooth pussy! The title of course also references the record cover in the shot by Frances Faye 🙂

Ann Austin – For The Record! (1965)

A rather ravishing Ann Austin posing with a gramophone and records on the loft set from Kamera Special No.5 (1965). Not too sure about the dodgy French looking bloke in the background or what he’s even doing in the shot?  That also looks like the Parisian Alley set in the background as well? A complete mixture of sets and props in this shot, but none distract for Ann’s Assets!

June & The Bookcase (Original)

This shot sent through by John looks like it was taken at the same time as the ‘June The Bookworm‘ set, but this one has June wearing a different colour baby doll and panties than the others. We still have the bookcase and the Encyclopedia Britannica’s in the background, along with an old record collection and a coffee pot! Great to see one of these shots in colour, even if after tweaking it’s still slightly pink!


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Marina Jones – Kamera Calendar, February 1966

Marina Jones amongst the vinyl with nipples that look like they could be used to play the records themselves! I decided to post the individual months for the calendars now, rather than six months at a go, I don’t want people getting too much of a good thing all at once 🙂

Wendy Luton – Kamera Calendar, January 1966

Wendy Luton adorning the January page of the Kamera Calendar 1966 by Harrison Marks. I’ve seen this set-up with the sofa and records many times before, including Vivienne Warren and assumed it was taken at GHM’s flat rather than an actual set.

for completeness I’ve Published the cover of the 1966 Calendar featuring June Palmer … Here