Pam The Saloon Girl! (Original)

A scan from an original medium format negative that I haven’t cropped as there is so much going on in the shot it seemed a shame to lose anything from view. Pam looks as stunning as ever posing naked between the saloon doors in the boa, big¬†hat and fancy boots, but I also love the wanted poster to the left! Trigger Shongold is none other than Stuart Samuels, Harrison Marks long time friend who pops up in numerous guises in various glamour films and images by GHM.

A fabulous still of Pam on the Saloon set worthy of showing uncropped I think and a big thank you as always to Simon for sending over numerous original images of Pam, including this one from his vast collection ūüôā


Note: This is an image from an original negative and subject to this copyright notice.

Ann The Saloon Girl (1961)

Ann Walker by Harrison Marks wearing just a white fur shawl¬†on the Wild West Saloon set from Kamera No.44 P14 (1961). I need to dig out a few more shots of Ann Walker as I’ve neglected her for a while on this blog and I love the wanted poster in the background of this shot.

Pamela Green – A Lady Whatever She Wasn’t Wearing!

It doesn’t matter what Pamela Green was wearing or not wearing she always came across with an air of elegance and always being a lady.  Typified by this shot of her on the Wild West Saloon set.  Love the ‘Wanted’ poster in the background of GHM as Battlin’ Berko.