June & The Bamboo Room Divider (Original)

A shot of June with longer hair taken at Scotlee Studio in the 1960’s posing with a bamboo room diver as a backdrop. This shot comes from a scan of an original negative from Kevin and the bamboo divider seen here features in several photo shoots of June in the 1960’s and 70’s including a set of negatives I have of June in long blonde wig.

That’s a Mighty Fine Bosom You Have There Ms Palmer! (Original)

Cracking close up shot of June’s hefty bosom on display here! Along with a myriad of thoughts and images going through my mind as to how that cleavage could be put to good use! June has that look in her eye that she knows exactly what I’m thinking too! This shot belongs to the ‘Purple Chaise Lounge‘ set  shot by John Lee at Scottlee Studios in 1982.