Tracy Reeves – Hidden in the Shadows (Original)

Another teasing shot of Tracy Reeves stood giving us a nearly full on frontal view! Yet another wig as well as her hands placed like a frame to highlight what lies in the shadows below. In this set she seems to have gone for the fully smooth and shaven look if you look closely enough 😉

A Titivating Tracy! (Original)

A titivating Tracy Reeves highlighting one of her nipples with her circled fingers for some reason! Another shot of her posing on the same set and with the same armchair, but yet another wig. As well as the hand highlighting the nipple, the other is strategically place to hide anything down below. Why, I don’t know as I have plenty of other shots of her with everything on display and in this set she seems to have gone for the fully smooth look 😉

June Palmer – Rocks & Crevices!

Another scanned print of a nude June posing amongst the rocks on location, this time wearing what looks to be a short wig. A perfect shot of her curved hips in this pose and just a hint of her own crevice on view 🙂

Sorry for the lack of posts recently, but sometimes life conspires against you and you have to focus on the important things!

Rachel Wells – A Contrast of Colours (Original)

More like a clash of contrasting colours and patterns! June posing nude as Rachel Wells (short dark wig) on a worn red rug in front of some very 1960’s blue heavily patterned wallpaper! One of several shots and sets of June posing in front of this blue wallpaper.


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