A Kneeling Marie! (Original)

A young Marie Deveraux on her knees posing topless from a restored silver gelatin photo from the late 1950’s. Looking fabulous in stockings and a pair of striped knickers! Thanks to Girlymag for a copy of this wonderful print of Marie.

June Palmer – A Connoisseurs Choice!

June Palmer on the cover of Connoisseurs Choice and Modelling Review Vol.5 No.8 in a nice pair of striped panties! Unsure of the date, but likely to be mid 1960’s at a guess? Thanks to Paul from Firebird Records who sent over this cover scan, plus a huge collection of other CC & MR covers.

June’s Saucy Sofa Pose (Original)

A cheeky little look from June as she poses on the sofa in a fishnet stockings, suspenders and striped panties! She appears in a couple of shots on this same sofa in the ‘June in Suburbia’ set if your interest, probably not as too busy looking at those striped panties!