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A great two page advert for the 1967 film ‘The Naked World of Harrison Marks’ featuring the man himself plus a bevy of glamour beauties that appeared in the film.

For those interested the models appearing in this advert are Pamela Green on page 1, June Palmer on page 2 bottom left, Christine Carter and Julie Jordan on page 2 bottom left. The models appearing with GHM on page 2 top are from right to left, Ann Walker, Ann Wilson, Marina Jones, Deborah de Lacey, Vera Novak and 2 at the end I recognize, but forget names at present 🙂

The Naked World Of Harrison Marks Poster

Something slightly different – A restored rare film poster promoting the feature film ‘The Naked World of Harrison Marks’.

Rare due to the fact that this typical Harrison Marks exploitation film was refused a certificate by the National Censors (BBFC), but by submitting the film for Local Authority review (London) GHM was able to get the film approved for viewing in a select number of cinemas. As a consequence, the print run for this poster was strictly limited as very few establishments were able to show it. The film provided a progression of buxom beauties with Marks himself appearing in various guises, along with Pamela Green and June Palmer and many other models that have become synonymous with modelling for GHM.