Classic Lorraine! (Original)

A brilliant shot and pose of Lorraine Burnett by Russell Gay from an original print in my collection. I just love the fancy stockings and pearl necklace in this shot, plus the tin foil background, which in colour shots seems to have a multi-coloured look to it. Classic Lorraine in the way she looks and poses and this shot probably appeared in either Model or QT, both published by Gay.

Jackie & The Tin Foil! (Original)

A restored colour negative of Jackie Parker, semi dressed for a change! She looks great in those stockings, black bra and heels posing on the chaise lounge, but I’m not too sure about the tin foil background. The negative was originally very red, so I suppose the foil could be silver or maybe not! Just reminds me of cooking things in foil, although she does look hot!

Sophia Dawn – It’s All Glamour & Tin Foil!

A coloured shot of Sophia Dawn by Russell Gay, which in itself is a wonderful shot of Sophia in pink panties, but what’s with the background! It reminds me of ‘Blue Peter’ and ‘here’s one we made earlier’ with all that tin foil!  The tin foil covered base seems to pop up with regularity as well, especially on Russell Gay shots.