Tina Madison – Gloriously Restored!

Tina Madison from a restored 6 x 4 print, that I had seen before but the clarity and colours in this copy are superb! It’s also a very nice shot of Tina to be fair and I have several others of her from the same set. I normally crop off the border, but I’ve just left the print as is this time and just restored the colour and removed the odd speck of dust. So borders on or off?

Thanks to John from Oxxbridge Galleries for this and a huge collection of fabulous colour prints, some of which I’ve never seen before. More to come soon 🙂

Tina Madison – A Tantilizing Flash! (Original)

Tina Madison giving us a flash of boob and nearly a bit more down below from another restored 10 by 8 print sent over by Scott. The shots of Tina I’ve posted in the past tend to fall into two distinct categories of, I wished I hadn’t bothered as she doesn’t look her best and the good! Thankfully this one falls into later category as it’s a stunning shot of her posing in someones doorstep, flashing herself to the camera.

Thanks to Scott once more I now have a small set of Tina prints similar to those he sent of June Palmer and again they are all stunning and one’s I’ve never seen before. Can’t wait to see what else he produces 🙂

Tina Madison – Sheer Blue Too! (Original)


Tina Madison posing with the familiar bamboo room divider at Scotlee Studios in the second of two original 35mm negatives that I purchased.  I just love the sheer blur negligee with purple ribbon, giving us a cracking full frontal view of her body and tits!


Note: This is an original image from my own negative and subject to this copyright notice

Tina Madison – A Flash of Red

Three restored 35mm slides of Tina Madison with a familiar wallpaper/background seen in other shots of models including June Palmer. I love the flash of red suspenders and panties in the last image and Tina looks good in these shots, as in some she can look a bit dodgy!